IT Asset Management

Managing your Hardware and Software

Without the proper tools, maintaining a current inventory of your organization’s hardware and installed software can be a formidable task. The VI Asset Discovery Module automatically gathers your organization's hardware and software.

Managed in one location (no client side installation), asset discovery can be initiated automatically via login script or manually by clicking on the asset module.

An IP Range can be specified to auto-discover a select group of both physical and virtual hardware/machines.


Track Software Installations

Hardware records contain a list of all installed software allowing you to quickly see how many machines contain a particular piece of software. In addition, a comprehensive history of software additions and removals is provided.


Asset Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting for in depth analysis of your organization’s hardware and software. Reports may also be scheduled for automatic creation and distribution via email.

Keep your organization in compliance during audits by providing a comprehensive scope of your asset management processes.