Implementation Options

The VI Service Desk can be implemented as a central web-based application, a distributed replicated application, or a combination of both.


Benefits of a central web based application:

  • Performance and accessibility: Web based applications will offer performance improvements to users who are not within close range of a Domino server.
  • Real-time data: All data is updated in real time no waiting for replication to update data.
  • Easy administration: No need to mantain a complex replication topology.


Benefits of a replicated application:

  • Reach users without a persistent WAN connection: Organizations with users in remote sites that may not have a persistent WAN connection will benefit from the ability to house a local replica of the VI Service Desk and replicate when a connection is available.
  • Redundancy/Backup: If one of your Domino servers experiences problems users can be redirected to a backup server housing a replica of the VI Service Desk.
  • Maintain separation of company divisions/sites: A replica can be created for each division/site and configured to house data only relevant to the division/site.


Combining web access and replication:

Both implemenation options can be combined for additional flexibility. For example you can set up a replica at one division/site and from this division/site also offer web access to the application by users at another division/site.