A Modern IT Help Desk Solution

For the HCL Notes/Domino® Platform

A single user experience from any device.

Web Browser, HCL Notes® Client, Mobile Devices

Incident, Problem, Request, and Change Management based on ITIL® v3

Plus Asset Management with Asset Discovery/Polling Tool

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The VI Service Desk is an IT Help Desk system built exclusively for HCL Notes/Domino®. It integrates seamlessly, giving you the highest ROI and lowest TCO.

Features Overview

  •   SLA Engine

    Our new SLA Engine allows you to define start, pause, and stop conditions for SLAs based on ticket conditions. Define SLA Milestones based on a percentage of the expired SLA duration to automatically send notifications to the appropriate personnel.

  •   IT Asset Management

    • Automated or On-Demand Asset Discovery
    • Poll Hardware and Software Inventory
    • Track Software Additions and Removals
    • Software License Compliance Tracking
    • Ad Hoc Reporting
  •   Reporting

    • Build Custom Reports
    • Track Response & Resolution Times, SLA Achievement Rates, and more
    • Auto Generate Excel® Reports and Charts
    • Schedule Delivery of Reports Directly to Your Inbox
  •   Implementation Options

    Implement the VI Service Desk on a global scale as a central web based application, a replicated Notes application, or both. Access the application through the Notes client, all major browsers, iPad, and other mobile devices.

  •   Proven Security

    Utilizing proven Domino security features, the VI Service Desk allows for security configuration based on user, group, and roles. Security can be applied from the application level down to the document level.

  •   Integrations

    • Search for and retrieve information from the Domino Directory
    • Configure the application to receive emails and automatically create and route tickets.
    • Apply our Notes Mail Template Extension to create tickets from your inbox.